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Habitat of Mycobacterium tuberculosis 3.77/5 (22)


Habitat of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Patients with cavitary diseases are primary reservoirs. They are obligate pathogens, facultative or opportunistic pathogens or free living saprophytes. Most of them are found in habitats such as water or soil. It habitat human body from which is transmitted directly from person to person. Mycobacterium tuberculosis Complex contains tuberculosis, M. bovis, […]

Habitat of Helicobacter pylori 2.92/5 (12)

Helicobacter pylori in stomach

Habitat of Helicobacter pylori 1. The natural habitat of H. pylori species is gastrointestinal tract of mammals and birds. 2. H. pylori was first identified in human intestinal biopsies in 1983. 3. They inhabit the surface of stomach mucosa. 4. Majority of H. pylori are located adjacent to surface and pit gastric epithelial cells. 5. […]

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