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Replication of Ebola Virus 4.09/5 (33)

Replication of Ebola Virus

  Replication of Ebola Virus Ebola Virus do not replicate through any kind of cell division; rather, they use a combination of host and virally encoded enzymes, alongside host cell structures, to produce multiple copies of viruses. These then self-assemble into viral macromolecular structures in the host cell. The virus completes a set of steps when […]

Signs and Symptoms of Ebola Virus Disease 5/5 (2)

Signs and Symptoms of Ebola Virus Disease

Signs and Symptoms of Ebola Virus Disease Symptoms may appear anywhere from 2 to 21 days after exposure to Ebola, but the average is 8 to 10 days. Ebola Zaire kills people quickly, typically 7 to 14 days after symptoms appear. A person can have the virus but not show any symptoms for as long […]

Structure of Ebola Virus 4/5 (21)

Ebola Virus Structure

  Structure of Ebola Virus Ebola Virus are generally approximately 80 nm in diameter, 970 nm long. They are cylindrical/tubular, and contain viral envelope, matrix, and nucleocapsid components. The virus generally appears in a long, filamentous form, but it can also be “U-shaped,” in the shape of a “6” (the “shepherd’s crook” appearance), or even […]

Genome of Ebola Virus 4.33/5 (3)

Ebola Virus Genome

Genome of Ebola Virus Ebola Virus have a negative-sense, non-segmented single stranded linear RNA genome about 18-19 kb in size. The 3′ terminus is not polyadenylated and the 5′ end is not capped. It contains approximately 19,000 base pairs. It encodes seven structural proteins: nucleoprotein (NP), polymerase cofactor (VP35), (VP40), GP, transcription activator (VP30), VP24, […]

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