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Importance of Scientific Paper Publication

Research article is a documentation or written form of an original study published in academic journals. A research paper is a primary source of information. These articles include background information, the methodology, description of the result and an analysis of what the results mean in the context of current knowledge.

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Some of the importance of publication of scientific articles are as follows:

  1. Publication is the most prestigious and productive means of disseminating (spread/disperse) the results of the research.
  2. Journal articles reach more readers more rapidly than most other ways of communicating research information.
  3. The process of peer review used to select manuscripts for publication is believed to be a screening mechanism that produces articles of higher quality than other ways of choosing what research articles to publish.
  4. Publishing in peer reviewed scientific journals is highly encouraged and strongly pursued for academic recognition and career progression.
  5. The publication process refines writing skills and give the opportunity to learn from constructive feedback provided by the reviewers.
  6. A published paper is also seen as evidence of your abilities in the methodology as well as data collection and analysis.
  7. Paper publication is the key skills that graduate programs look for in applicants.
  8. Publication can be listed in the resume or CV which will make it strong.
  9. Publications also increases the job prospects.


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Importance of Scientific Paper Publication

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