Difference between Anthrax Bacilli and Anthracoid Bacilli 4.79/5 (33)

Difference between Anthrax Bacilli and Anthracoid Bacilli

Difference between Anthrax Bacilli and Anthracoid Bacilli



Anthrax Bacilli

Anthracoid Bacilli

1. Motility Non-Motile Generally Motile
2. Capsule Capsulated Non-Capsulated
3. Shape Grow in long chains Grow in short chains
4. Medusa Head Colony Present Not Present
5. Growth in Penicillin Agar (10 units/ml) No Growth Grow Usually
6. Hemolysis Hemolysis absent or weak. Usually well marked
7. Gelatin Liquefaction Slow Gelatin Liquefaction Rapid Gelatin Liquefaction
8. Turbidity No Turbidity in broth Turbidity usually
9. Salicin Fermentation Negative Usually Positive
10. Growth at 45°C No Growth Grows usually
11. Chloral Hydrate Growth inhibited by  Chloral Hydrate Not Inhibited
12. Gamma Phage Susceptible to gamma phage Not susceptible
13. Pathogenesis Pathogenic to laboratory animals Not pathogenic

Difference between Anthrax Bacilli and Anthracoid Bacilli

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