Community Acquired MRSA vs Hospital Acquired MRSA 4.54/5 (35)

Community Acquired MRSA vs Hospital Acquired MRSA

Community Acquired MRSA vs Hospital Acquired MRSA



Community Acquired MRSA (CA-MRSA)

Hospital Acquired MRSA (HA-MRSA)


Clinical Infection Skin, Soft tissue, necrotizing pneumonia Pneumonia, urinary, bloodstream, surgical site (multiple site)


At risk populations Clusters and outbreaks in closed populations (prisoners, athletes, military, selected ethnic populations, intravenous drug users, soldiers) Outbreaks are associated in health care facilities


Underlying Conditions None Health care-associated risk factors


Age group Younger Older


Race/Ethnicity Non-White White


Antimicrobial Resistance Susceptible to other β-lactam antibiotics Resistant to multiple antibiotics


Genotype Resistance SCCmec Types IV, V SCCmec Types I, II, III


PVL (Panton-Valentine Leukocidin) Toxin Present Absent

Community Acquired MRSA vs Hospital Acquired MRSA

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  1. A very informative and plausible article to refer through. Yes, MRSA is something we can call a threatful skin disorder. This contagious bacterial infection is usually caused by animals. But the query to think over is that, how to make this infection curable and the best way to use an antibacterial soap, one of the best treatments till now for MRSA.

  2. hello author or anybody else who saw this comment…could you please explain to me why does PVL absent in HA-MRSA whereas it do present in CA-MRSA…it is the virulence factor of MRSA and once again,why must it just present in CA and not the HA?tq

  3. your source is very informative in regards to microbiology that i hope it will help bulk of the students in process of their studies.And from it they can create many books as well they will have more knowledge about microbiology and help upcoming students into the future.
    Thanks much for providing beneficial information globally.

  4. Hi. my name is Allah Nawaz Khan, I did MS microbiology and Immunology and now i am lecturer in Abasyn university Islamabad Pakistan. I liked ur info because i ahve done the same research during MS. Thanks

  5. Thank you Sagar for your posts! They are really enjoyable to the Microbiology community . Please keep up the good work !!

  6. Vidyahdar Gambhir

    Thanks for your notes, may prove helpful to students.
    Request you to search an opportunity for a young Microbiology Professor from Maharashtra, she also is interested in Research in Microbiology.

    my mail id

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