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Difference between Serum and Plasma 4.58/5 (38)

Difference between Serum and Plasma

Difference between Serum and Plasma       S.N. Characteristics Serum Plasma 1. Definition Serum is the liquid part of the blood after the coagulation. Plasma is a clear and yellowish fluid part of the blood. 2. Composition Serum is the water fluid from blood without the clotting factors. Plasma is the blood fluid that […]

Coombs Test- Principle, Types, Procedure and Result Interpretation 4.19/5 (167)

Direct Coombs Test

Coombs Test- Principle, Types, Procedure and Result Interpretation Coombs test is also known as antiglobulin test. The Coombs test tests for antibodies that may stick to the red blood cells and cause red blood cells to die too early. It was discovered by Coombs, Mourant and Race in 1945. Coombs reagent is antihuman globulin. It is made […]

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